Rethink Employee Benefits


Our engagewell solution combines the functionality of benefits administration with Wanido’s ability to educate, communicate, and leverage data-driven insight. 



Employees are struggling. Benefits are intimidating and becoming an empowered consumer often happens through trial and error. Proactive brokers use engagewell to drive direct-to-consumer engagement without adding extra work for the employer or the HR department.

We’ve cracked the code on employee utilization. With an 85% monthly engagement rate (and 64% accessing 4+ times per month) we have what it takes to administer a year-round strategy

Each interaction is deidentified and tracked to personalize the experience of the employee.  This creates actionable, behavior-driven insight into each unique employee population. 

The Company Hub provides one clean, customizable location to help employees navigate all benefit offerings, embedded resources, and supplemental services. Our strategic content ensures employees know when and how to access these resources. 

Engaging employees in our comprehensive approach increases benefit enrollment and policy retention – while ensuring more people have the right coverage at the right time. Engagewell brokers average an 18% higher enrollment than traditional engagement strategies.

This resource also saves the average human resources team 2.5 hours a week by answering redundant questions. 

Say goodbye to lagging indicators and speculation! Our dashboard provides real-time insight into each employee population. Averaging 425 annual insight points – per employee – our data combined with your benefits utilization metrics create an unmatched strategic advantage. Whether you’re looking to be that trusted advisor for your client or simply hone in on the most impactful benefit package, this opportunity is a game changer.