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Well-Rounded Campuses Love Wanido


Wanido offers colleges and universities an engaging environment to build a cohesive, data-driven approach to student engagement strategy. Utilize our student-centered design to improve communication, enhance resource engagement, minimize administrative tasks, and support student well-being. 



Our intuitive interface makes communication look and feel like the tools students use in their day-to-day lives. This drives engagement and enhances trust. Leverage our team and expertise to create a custom content calendar to support student well-being and engagement, while boosting community and retention.

Each interaction is deidentified and tracked to personalize the experience of the student.  This creates actionable, behavior-driven insight into the student population. 

Wanido users average an 85% monthly engagement rate with 64% logging in at least four times per month!

Utilize our nudging technology and School Hub to ensure students have access to the resources they need the most. 

Whether nudging through text, push notification or email – we ensure students have the right information when they need it most. 

The School Hub provides one clean, customizable location connecting students to important systems, resources, and tools. We are not replacing the services students rely on; we drive access and utilization of those services. 

Whether rolling out a new mental health amenity or promoting campus life, we provide a clean, reportable interface to drive engagement.

Say goodbye to lagging indicators! Our dashboard provides real-time, deidentified behavioral insight into your student population. Strategically drive enrollment and retention by better understanding what your students need and what interests them.