Strategic Employers Love Wanido


Wanido offers employers an engaging environment to build a cohesive, data-driven approach to employee strategy. Utilize our employee-centered design to improve communication, enhance resource engagement, minimize administrative tasks, and support employee well-being. 


Our intuitive interface makes communication look and feel like the everyday communication employees experience in their day-to-day life. This drives engagement and enhances trust. Leverage our monthly content calendar to support employee well-being, making it so easy to administer a year-round strategy. 

Each interaction is deidentified and tracked to personalize the experience of the employee.  This creates actionable, behavior-driven insight into the employee population. 

Wanido users average an 85% monthly engagement rate with 64% logging in at least four times per month!


The Company Hub provides one clean, customizable location to help employees navigate all of your systems, resources, and benefits. Our engagement team is here to support you as we tailor the hub to save you time while giving employees one place to find everything they need.  

This feature saves the average human resources team 2.5 hours a week! 



Say goodbye to lagging indicators! Our dashboard provides real-time insight into your employee population. Meet with our engagement team monthly to review the latest data, finetune your strategy, and proactively support employee retention. This leads to higher productivity, longer employee tenure, and a strong employer brand.