Partner Network

HR Systems today (HCM, Stand-alone, PEOs) are built to eliminate redundancies, synchronize data, run reports, and create process productivity for HR and the employer.

To accomplish this there are 2 options: 

1.) Best of Breed Approach – you purchase the applications you need from different vendors. This gives you a greater depth of functionality, but also more complexity because you have multiple vendors, contracts, and user experiences. 

2.) Unified Solution – working with just one vendor for all your needs. This model may be simpler to maintain, but the features may not be as robust as the best of breed systems. 

Both are employer centric and only produce system data and reports. This is only part of the information needed for employers to understand their organization and drivers of their productivity and profitability. 

Traditional HCM and Payroll stats like turnover rate have been the foundational people analytics for decades. Unfortunately, while those data points may show that there’s a problem, they do not provide insight into how the problem can be solved. Wanido is the first organizational health company to provide comprehensive workforce analytics to better understand how to decrease turnover, increase productivity, and improve profitability.

Together with the analytics you already have, Wanido provides the opportunity to understand your client’s needs on a deeper level – directly through the employee population. 

Our innovative technology not only allows additional revenue through platform service and analysis but by providing the proof to offer additional products and services to support the direct needs of the employees. Additionally, Wanido partners can place valuable content and materials in direct visibility of the employee population.

Attract and convert more prospects through cutting-edge workforce technology while showing your current book of business that you’re leading the industry in state-of-the-art tools to help their businesses remain attractive and competitive to employees and applicants.

Six reasons to work with Wanido

Direct access to employees to assess organizational health and what each population needs to perform at their best.
Wanido identifies the root issues impacting productivity, profitability, and retention. Use our data to build a comprehensive plan for organizational growth.
We help partners uncover underlying barriers for success on an ongoing basis. Check in quarterly to assess progress, spot trends, and propose a plan to support the findings.
Receive ongoing revenue from clients. Wanido partners receive exclusive pricing to offset their time and expertise through a per employee (PEPM) model.
Leverage our revolutionary technology to maximize impact and understanding of each client's employee population.
Maximize the value of existing benefit and plan features by ensuring employees are aware of resources to support their well-being.

We are looking to partner with those who are advocates for change, not only for their employer groups, but to the employees as well. We look at solutions and partnerships as opportunities to do what is right, not what is easiest. We work with firms who believe in leveraging technology to find opportunities and drive change. Technology cannot do it alone. Vendors cannot do it alone. But together, we can change lives. We are pursuing partner relationships with those who are ready to join us on this mission.