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The key to retention and success is
to engage your employees and invest in their personal well-being.

Wanido is the only engagement solution to


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Do you know the whole problem of disengagement?

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Wanido “wanna-do” is an employee engagement and well-being platform that keeps employees connected to the company, coworkers, health, and finances.

We provide insight to improve productivity, profitability, and reduce turnover by motivating employees to engage in three elements: Culture, Health, and Finance. The hyper-personalized experience provides scores, articles, and resources based on personal needs. When employees are happier, healthier, and more financially secure – so is your bottom line.


Tools to listen to employees and make sure they feel valued at work.
70% of people are disengaged at work. Over half are not cognitively or emotionally connected to their work or workplace environment.*

*Gallup, State of the American Workplace Report


Health engagement scores, resources and connectivity to improve lifestyles.
40% of American adults are living unhealthy lifestyles. Personal and family health problems are estimated to cost U.S. employers $1,685 per employee per year.*

*Center for Disease Control (CDC)


Finance engagement scores, resources, and connectivity to get money management back on track.
50% of employees live paycheck to paycheck.* Financial stress costs the average 300 life employer over $575k due to missed work and lost productivity.**

*US Federal Reserve
**John Hancock Retirement Plan Services

wanido features


Automated pulse surveys provide real time feedback. Listen to your employees and develop plans to help your workforce be happier and healthier.


Nudge employees towards better well-being by prompting them to improve their scores, check out resources, and engage with their peers.


Give and receive acknowledgement of a job well done. Encouraging interaction with each other leads to more collaboration, a sense of purpose, and pride in their work.


Tailored resources specific to each employee's needs provides a hyper-personalized engagement journey. As their awareness grows so does their opportunity for improvement.

why wanido works

What do you wanido?

do You Want to...

Retain Talent

Increase Engagement

Improve Well-Being 

invest in your people

Disengagement is expensive.

Do you want to see the potential savings with our robust employee engagement and well-being solution?

Wanido looks beyond turnover rates to expose the FULL cost of disengagement due to lost productivity and absenteeism because of personal factors like health and financial distress. If you’re not considering these hidden costs, it’s time to start. 

Use our custom calculator to see how much Wanido can help you save!