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1. Focuses on employee well-being and measures organizational health.
2. Employees understand their benefits and needs.
3. Employers no longer need to guess how their employees are doing.
4. Understands the investment in your people (ORGHEALTH.IO).

The Organizational Health Institute® Dictionary of the English Language, 1st Edition.

The first employee centric platform to...

decrease TURNOVER

We do this by communicating, educating, connecting and listening to the people you trust and value the most - your own employees

organizational health: an organization’s ability to effectively function, overcome adversity, respond to change, and continue to grow. This is driven by your employees.

Wanido “wanna-do” is an organizational health platform that focuses on employee well-being and measures organizational health for companies. 

We do this across three elements (culture, health and finance) via the industry’s first employee centric HR platform.

Interactions with the platform are analyzed to provide real-time insight into the factors that influence an employee’s ability to thrive professionally. In order to perform at their highest, employees need to feel connected within their work community and cared for personally. Our A.I. provides a unique experience for each employee based on where they’re at in life and what they’re struggling with. By understanding the “WHY” employers can better communicate, engage, and retain employees. 

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why it works

Wanido focuses on the elements of culture, health, and finance because these three areas have been proven to significantly impact an employee’s overall well-being and job performance. Understanding the interconnected nature between the three is just the beginning. Our innovative analytics break down the elements into 17 sub-elements to provide a comprehensive understanding of the overall organization health on an ongoing basis.


Tools to listen to employees and make sure they feel valued at work.
70% of people are disengaged at work. Over half are not cognitively or emotionally connected to their work or workplace environment.*

*Gallup, State of the American Workplace Report


Health engagement scores, resources and connectivity to improve lifestyles.
40% of American adults are living unhealthy lifestyles. Personal and family health problems are estimated to cost U.S. employers $1,685 per employee per year.*

*Center for Disease Control (CDC)


Finance engagement scores, resources, and connectivity to get money management back on track.
50% of employees live paycheck to paycheck.* Financial stress costs the average 300 life employer over $575k due to missed work and lost productivity.**

*US Federal Reserve
**John Hancock Retirement Plan Services

how it works

Each employee is unique and so are the ways they like to be informed, motivated, and engaged. Our robust features help employers effortlessly build a connection with each employee. In turn, each interaction is measured to better understand your organizational health. Whether reading an article, connecting a device, or answering a survey question – we consider it all. 


Give employees a fun way to build relationships as well as a place to share updates on specific topics, events, and areas of expertise.


Give and receive acknowledgement of a job well done.


Measure employees based on actions, awareness, and intent to engage in culture and improve their well-being.


Employees are unique and respond best to different types of communication. We evaluate the most effective way to reach each employee through eight personas.


Help teams establish trust and grow together to produce amazing outcomes.


Prebuilt, automated surveys provide real time feedback.


Tailored resources specific to each employee's needs provides a hyper-personalized engagement journey.


Employees can choose to send identified or anonymous information directly to site administrators.


Helps employees track activity and interactions within the platform.


Automated nudges to prompt employees to improve scores, check out resources, and engage with their peers.

why it matters

Employee well-being is the not-so-secret ingredient of successful companies. These companies understand that to produce superior results each employee needs to feel valued personally and professionally. When employers hit the mark, businesses flourish.  

Businesses with highly engaged employees…

do You Want to...

Retain Talent

Increase Engagement

Improve Productivity

invest in your people

Organizational health is the secret sauce.

Do you know the financial implications of a healthy and engaged workforce?

Wanido looks beyond turnover rates to expose the FULL opportunity cost of understanding employee well-being and the organization’s health due to lost productivity and absenteeism because of personal factors such as sense of belonging, having a voice, team mentality, having friends, feeling comfortable, health and financial distress. If you’re not considering these hidden costs, it’s time to start. 

We partner with a third party solution, ORGHEALTH.IO, to validate and benchmark the power of understanding employee’s well-being and the direct effect it has on business success.  

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