Advisor Network

Empowering HR Consultants, Brokers, Advisors

A tool to create even deeper working relationships and drive change with each client.

The role of the consultant, broker, and advisors has never been more important. As our industry faces an amazing digital transformation, you need a solution to tackle new challenges and adapt to change. Employees feel disconnected from their employer, are struggling with their health, and are  largely making poor financial decisions. These problems are solvable, but we need your help. Companies that thrive know that focusing on employee well-being is no longer a luxury but rather a necessity. Understanding and adapting to the organizational health is how they engage and retain top talent.

As a workforce, we are at a crossroads:

Labor shortage, War for talent, Turnover tsunami...

The traditional approach to employee strategy has proven tired and outdated. Advisors within the Wanido Network will work with clients on a quarterly basis to uncover the unique attributes of each client to improve overall productivity, profitability, and retention.

Employees know that they have an advantage and are more than ready to seek out companies that align with their personal values, offer progressive benefit packages, promise flexibility, and compensate well. Exit interviews and annual surveys only scratch the surface of why employees are so eager for change. Wanido’s cutting edge technology utilizes data analytics to understand what the active population needs to remain loyal while building resilience, engagement, and improving holistic well-being.

  • Use Wanido to compress work that would take months into days. We streamlined the old process to work faster, get tangible customer insights, reduce risk, and avoid guesswork.
  • Together, with our advisors, we uncover the underlying barriers for organizational health through ongoing analysis of employee behavior.
  • Wanido provides an average of 370 data points per employee annually to provide a comprehensive understanding of employee attitudes and needs.
  • Advisors work with leadership teams to create and administer a comprehensive response to support employee well-being and retention strategy.
  • Provides the proof point to support facilitator services through an ongoing annual strategy.

Six reasons to work with Wanido

Direct access to employees to assess organizational health and what each population needs to perform at their best.
Wanido identifies the root issues impacting productivity, profitability, and retention. Use our data to build a comprehensive plan for organizational growth.
We help partners uncover underlying barriers for success on an ongoing basis. Check in quarterly to assess progress, spot trends, and propose a plan to support the findings.
Receive ongoing revenue from clients. Wanido partners receive exclusive pricing to offset their time and expertise through a per employee (PEPM) model.
Leverage our revolutionary technology to maximize impact and understanding of each client's employee population.
Maximize the value of existing benefit and plan features by ensuring employees are aware of resources to support their well-being.

We support partnerships with those who are advocates for change, not only for their employer groups, but to the employees as well. We look at solutions and partnerships as opportunities to do what is right, not what is easiest. We work with individuals and firms who believe in leveraging technology to find opportunities and drive change. Technology cannot do it alone. Vendors cannot do it alone. But together, we can change lives. We are selectively pursuing partner relationships with those who are ready to join us on this mission.